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Get a ''Fish-Eye View'' of life under the sea!

A visit to The Undersea Gardens enables the visitor to view and learn about the marine species of the Pacific Ocean. By providing glimpses of the life that teems below the surface of the water, visitors come face-to-face with the living communities that lie, largely unseen yet are located in over two thirds of the planet.

Experience a Live Dive Show in our Undersea Theater. Shows are narrated by knowledgeable guides, and scuba divers equipped with underwater communications. Performances take place regularly throughout the day.

Unravel the secrets of the beautiful and mysterious world of the Pacific Ocean. Descend beneath the surface and become acquainted with the enchanting creatures of Newport's Yaquina Bay. Marvel at the antics of the ferocious-looking Wolf-eel. Observe all manner of native marine life, from the Prehistoric Sturgeon to the brilliant Red Snappers, as they flow through the kelp forest amidst the ruins of a sunken ship.

Spend the day on Newport's Historic Bayfront, voted ''Best Waterfront'' by Sunset Magazine. With great value Combo Tickets, young and old alike will enjoy this unforgettable experience. Come see Newport's most beautiful garden at the bottom of the sea.

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  • Get a ''Fish-Eye View'' of life under the sea!

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